Sunday, 8 February 2015


I learned to read Arabic at the age of 7. Even though I read the holy Quran many times over, it is only now that I realized my pronunciation was far below the standard. What I was reading was full of mistakes. it made me fearful for my end. It reminded of all those people who save towards their pension and when times comes for collecting, they realized their saving were invested in a bad investment plan and they have lost every thing. Was this the fault of the investment company or the investor?
Perhaps if the investor researched the right company then his losses could have been minimized. this was just a worldly example which is short lived but what if we leave this world only to find the same scenario in front of us. What will we do then?
That's a place of no return to put right what you did wrong, so what are we taking?
With this and 100s of other questions in mind, I set forth in the path to seeking knowledge.
As mentioned earlier, to change yourself and eliminate the mistakes after practising for years on end is very difficult. I ask Allah for his mercy and assistance in helping me to read, write, understand and practice in the footsteps of his beloved prophet Mohammad pbuh.
What I am about to write is the work we cover in class. this particular subject is on Tajweed. By writing this, I am hopeful that it will enhance both my own understanding and also help any other brothers or sisters with their Ilm.
What is Tajweed 
literal meaning of tajweed.
to beautify
to perfect
to read correctly.

customary meaning
Tajweed means to pronounce each letter correctly with all its qualities  and  reciting the quran whilst applying and implementing all the rules of Tajweed.
Learn to read the quran with Tajweed
part 1

part 2

part 3
rules of zer

Learn to Recite Quran....Lesson # 4
rules of pesh

Learn To Recite Quran...Lesson # 5
rules of jazm and qalqala

 Learn to Recite Quran....Lesson # 6
rules of huroofi madaa asli

Learn to Recite Quran...Lesson # 7
alif mamdooda

Learn to Recite Quran...Lesson # 8
rules of shadaa

Learn to Read Quran...Lesson # 9
rules of maddai mufassil and maddai munfassil

Learn to Recite Quran...Leasson # 10
rules of tanveen

Learn to Recite Quran.....Lesson # 11
the making and joining of letters of tanween

Learn to Recite Quran...Lesson # 12
rules of noon sakin and tanween izhar halqi

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson 13
rules of noon sakin and tanween idgham

Learn to Recite Quran...Lesson # 14
rules of noon sakin and tanween iqlaab

Learn To Read Quran...Lesson # 15
rules of noon sakin and tanween ikhfaa haqiqi

Learn To Read Quran...Lesson # 16
rules of meem sakin ighfa shafwee, idghaam mislain sageer, izaari shafwee

Learn To Read Quran...Lesson # 17
rules of  laam alif "AL" moon letters and sun letters

Learn To Read Quran...Lesson # 18
rules of full mouth and empty mouth. tarfheem and tarqeeb

Learn To Read Quran...Lesson # 20
rules of makhraij points of articulation

Learn To Read Quran...Lesson # 21
recitation suraah iqlaas

Learn To Read Quran...Lesson # 22
recitation suraah Alfalaq

Learn To Read Quran...Lesson # 23
recitation suraah ikhlaas

Learn To Read Quran...Lesson # 24
recitation suraah lahabb

Learn To Read Quran...Lesson # 25
recitation suraah Nassr

Learn To Read Quran...Lesson # 26
recitation suraah qaafiroon

Learn To Read Quran...Lesson # 27
recitation suraah kausar and surrah mahhoon

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 28
recitation suraah quraish

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 29
recitation suraah fiil

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 30
recitation suraah hummazah

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 31
recitation suraah assar and taqasur

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 32
recitation suraah qariah

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 33
recitation suraah haadiyaa

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 34
recitation suraah zilzaalah

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 35
recitation suraah hayyainaah part 1

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 36
recitation suraah hayyainaah part 2

 Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 37

 Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 38

 Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 39

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 41

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 42

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 43

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 44

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 45

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 46

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 47

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 48

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 49

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 50

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 51

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 52

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 53

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 54

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 55

Learn To Read Quran.....Lesson # 56

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

ilm, seeking the path to knowlidge

salam alaikum warahmat hu wabarakat
Ilm, path to seeking knowledge is a never ending one. my journey has just begun.
its now two weeks ago that i started my journey. juggling the busy schedule to fit in 3.5 hours of extra class time with the extra time for home work is a challenge. so far the lessons have been relatively easy and the demands have not been excessive.
education at later age is far more challenging. the memory is not as sharp. what is imprinted in the mind at young age has now become struggle to remember. this is the least of the worries though, the main hurdle at the moment is building the confidence to speak up in front of the class with the right answer. as a child one has no fear of speaking their mind and being inquisitive in searching for answers. as an adult, we perceive ourselves as already knowing the answers so speaking up and saying the wrong thing is overwhelming. this stems from our ignorance and pride and can be overcome quite easily.
if we remember what the whole course of life is about ilm, path to seeking knowledge then this false notion of knowing all is irradiated and our confidence grows.
as adult learners we need the constant boost to keep focused. my first boost came from this video